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Information are available on Wikipedia about FISTF, Sport table football and Subbuteo.



Information findet ihr auf Wikipedia über FISTF, Sporttischfußball und Subbuteo.

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· 1920s  -  1930s

· 1925 - Table football/soccer invented from Mr. William Lane Keeling (born 1900-died 1976) for his children. The development began until the patent was able to be registered.

· 1929 - Newfooty Company founded and invented table football / soccer material. The figures where flat Version with a plastic base and lead at the bottom of the base. The patent for Newfooty was registered.

· 1934 - The 'Newfooty Players Association' (NPA) was founded. In England people could become member to participate in Leagues and cup competitions. It was the world's first "players association" organized by Newfooty Company. There was also a Newfooty player of the Year Trohpy. The Newfooty handbook "Libro Oficial" was also available in Spanish language with "Instrucciones y Reglamentos" for "Futbol de Mesa".

· 1939 - The Newfooty Patent ran from 1929-1934, and a second period of 5 years from 1934-1939.


· 1940s  -  1950s

· 1947 - Subbuteo Sports Games Ltd was founded from Mr. Peter Adolph. New material and flat cardboard figures came into sales.

· 1948 - The first national association was founded in Belgium (FBFTS). Mr. Beliard becomes the first Belgium champion. The world has his first ever table football/soccer champion.

· 1950 - Peter Adolph founds the 'Table Soccer Players Association' (TSPA) in England.

· 1953 - Newfooty brings the first 3D plastic figurine into the market.

· 1954 - The Dutch federation (NTVB) was founded in Haarlem (NED).

· 1957 - Subbuteo Sports Games Ltd. take over rivals Newfooty Company from Liverpool. 1957/58 the first team championship was played in Belgium. Subbuteo Club Jemeppe became the first team champion.


· 1960s  -  1970s

· 1960 - The first ever International match (National Teams) was played in Bruxelles (BEL) on 7 February 1960, between Belgium and the Netherlands. Belgium won! The foundation of an international federation was in line.

· 1961 - The "Union Europeene de Subbuteo (UES)" was founded in Schiedam (NED) from Mr. Ling (NTVB), Mr Kroonberg (FBFTS) and Mr. Feuerlein (DSTFB). He was he first president of the DSTFB (GER), which was founded short before the creation of the UES/UNEFTA. The UES was the predecessor of the ETF.

· 1963 - The motivation was set to found a real European table football/soccer federation, for all European countries. The 'European Table Soccer Federation' ETF / 'Union Europeene de Football de table' UNEFTA' was founded in 1963 (City: _?_) by the three active nations Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. The BTSA (British Table Soccer Association) was founded and invited, but showed no interest to join the ETF.

· 1964 - The 1. ETF Europa Cup was played in Rotterdam (NL), which saw Mr.Marinus Schild became the first ever Internatiuonal Champion.

· 1965 - BEL, NED, GER, ENG and FRA participated in Bruxelles at the ETF 2nd Edition. The first French player at the ETF Europa Cup was Smet (FRA). The BTSA was changed into BSTSA with the S standing for Subbuteo. The programmed chaos began its fait.

· 1967 - The British Subbuteo Table Soccer Association (BSTSA) was split up. into separate Independent associations, with free choice of material and not regulated by Subbuteo. The foundation of the English Table Soccer Association (ETSA), Scottish (STSA) and Welsh (WTSA) were based on democratic elections.

· 1969 - Waddingtons SSG take over Subbuteo Sports Games. The SSTFB (later SSTV) was founded in Switzerland.

· 1970 - The 1. Subbuteo World Cup was played in London (ENG).

· 1975 - The Italian championships are organized. In March the 'Federatione Italian Calcio Miniatura Subbuteo' FICMS is founded. The FICMS is affiliated with the ETF, the European federation, where all materials are permitted. FICMS plays only with the 3D-Subbuteo figures and not with the flat traditional figures.

· 1979 - FISA (Subbuteo company controlled) was founded as an alternative to ETF (democratic sports federation).


· 1980s  -  1990s

· 1980 - The 1. FISA European Championship was played in Rome (ITA).

· 1983 - The ETF Nations Cup made a comeback.

· 1985 - The Europa Cup for club teams was born (in-official event). The Nations came closer.

· 1987 - The FICMS was closed and the Associationi Italia Calcio in Miniatura Subbuteo (AICiMS) was founded. The name was changed, because it was necessary to remove the word "Federation" (replaced by "Association"), it was a bureaucratic issue, due to the relationship with 'Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano' (CONI). 'Curiously' the same problem arose again in 2013 in FISCT.

· 1992 - FISTF was founded.

· 1993 - The 1st  FISTF European Championship was played in Verviers (BEL). The 30th Edition of the ETF (ESTF) Europa Cup was played and ETF defunct in Farehem (ENG) with the democratic votes of the participating nations (ENG, WAL, SCO, MAL, AUT, GER, SUI, NED). Belgium and France did not participate. The FISTF Europa Cup for clubs had its first official edition played.

· 1994 - The 1. FISTF World Championship was played in Paris (FRA) and the FISA Subbuteo World Cup was played for the first time outside Europe, in Chicago, (USA).

· 1995 - Zeugo was introduced. The Emilio Parodi company (Genoa, ITA) created their own table football sets and material. Hasbro take over Waddingtons Sports Games Ltd.

· 1996 - FISA was defunct in London (ENG) after the last edition. Hasbro fails to supply good playing material for the world players. Many new manufacturers arose to supply good quality playing material with new designs.

· 1998 - Global Sports Games (Lichtenstein) - the 'Toccer' figure was invented by Willy Hofmann (SUI).


· 2000s  -  2010s

· 2000 - The FISTF World Masters was installed.

· 2010 - The Europa Cup for clubs was rebranded into the FISTF Champions- and Europa League.

· 2014 - 60 years of Sports table football in the Netherlands (NTVB).

· 2017 - 70 Years Subbuteo trade mark. 25 Years FISTF!

· 2018 - 70 Years FBFTS-Belgian Association.   1st WASPA World Cup Budapest.

· 2019 - 50 Years SSTV-Swiss Association.   90 Years of Newfooty.


· 2020s  -  2030s

· 2022 - 30 Years FISTF.

· 2023 - 50 Years EÖTV-Austrian Association. 60 Years DSTFB-German Association.

· 2025 - 50 Years FISCT-Italian Association (formal FICMS and AICIMS)

· 2029 - 100 Years of Sport Table Football.

                             ‘From Newfooty to modern Sport Table Football (Soccer)‘



Many other domestic Associations were founded around the globe. (see Wikipedia FISTF). The main problem is still the professional distribution of quality playing material and activity to promote sports table football, and not a kids/children toy playing game.


Research and Text Origin: Horst Deimel.

A collected timeline of the evolution of Sport Table Football (Soccer), which began with Newfooty in  1929, forward with the development of Subbuteo and the new age of our modern time. An exciting passage to read and understand the historical heritage of all of us.

Historie.  Subbuteo WM 1994 in Chicago

Original Subbuteo World Cup

Textfeld: Foto: Bericht von Zeitung…?

Subbuteo World Cup 1994 in Chicago (USA), Alle Teilnehmer im American Football- und Fußball-stadion. Das einzige Mal das ein Spieler aus Kolumbien dabei war und ein Subbuteo World Cup außerhalb Europas stattfand.


Foto:  Subbuteo 1994

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