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Anfrage an den EÖTV richten

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No. 1 Into the circle


Put ten attackers on the pitch in regular distance to the center circle. Stay behind the figure. Flick them with as few attempts as possible directly into the center circle. Three stages from even greater distance to the center circle. Get the feeling to play.

No. 2 Mark players


Place five defenders on the shooting line and five attackers 20 cm in front of them. Flick the defenders as close as possible to the attackers, without touching them. Three stages with more distance. Get the feeling to play.

No.5 Shooting


Flick five balls with attackers inside the shooting area (not line) into the goal – shoot high and low, Left and right. Four stages.



No.6 Blocked shots


Like exercise no. 5, but with five defenders a few centimeters in front of the ball, who will block your shots. Be sure the ball is inside the shooting area.


No.3  Ball control


Flick the ball with short passes across the pitch and back again. Control the ball. Be careful not to commit fouls. When you place defenders on the pitch. Three repetitions.


No.4  In the shooting area


Put six balls on the center line and flick the ball with the attacker directly into the shooting area. Two stages, then two stages into the penalty area.

Get the feeling for shooting as well.




No.7  Passing


Flick the ball with an attacker from the corner directly into the center circle. This helps the long distance play. You can do that along any line to see how straight you can flick the figurine and the ball.


Have fun flicking..!

No.8 Combinations


Flick the ball with three attackers on the pitch. Be careful to commit no foul while combinating and perform with each player a maximum off three flicks in succession. Place ten defenders on the field and reapeat the exercise.

No.9 Block players


Flick the ball with an attacker about 20cm away. Make then a block with the defender. Repetitions: Flick the defender ten times each between attacker and ball (2a) or the ball and goal (2b).

Get the feeling for defending flicks.

Keep your body allways behind the playing figurine.  It helps to play better.

No.10 On the lines


Place ten attackers along the pitch edge to central line, shooting lines and goal lines. Flick successively all attackers at least 20cm on each line into the pitch.

Repeat the exercise with more speed.


Get the feeling into your mind…!

No.11 Contact and shot


Put five balls into the shooting area and put five attackers 10cm to 30cm behind the ball in the midfield. Flick any attacker so that it slightly touches the ball and then shoot immidiately at goal.

This is a volley shot.

Great play.     Three stages.

No.12 Goal wall shooting


Three shots right and three shots left, each from a distance of 20cm to 30 centimeters.  Three stages.

We recommend  the original „practice wall and figures wall“ from Moving Figures. Contact Horst Deime  for this great ORIGINAL practice tool.

No.13 Touching


Put five balls on the center line and put five attackers along the shooting lne

Flick the attackers so that they touch one of the balls easily. Five stages.


Get the fine feeling for touching.

No.14 Defence flick


Place ten defenders along the center line. Flick any defender as precise as possible to the shooting line. Do not touch any of the remaining defenders on the pitch.

Three stages.


The defence flick will help to prevent getting goals from the opponent.

No.15 Distance shots


Put six balls into the shooting zone. Six attackers are placed at least 10 centimeters behind the ball. Now attempt to score a goal with each attacker. Repeat stages with 20cm and 30cm distance to the ball.


These are important shots to learn.

No.16 Change direction


Put a ball 10cm in front of the shooting line and an attacker between the ball and the center circle. Cut (touch) slightly the ball with the attacker to change direction and score a goal with a maximum of three ball contacts.  10 stages.

Most important attack play.

No.17 Pass, pass, goal


Place an attacker with ball on his own shooting line. Flick the ball forward across the middle line and score a regular goal with a maximum of three ball contacts.

The ball must be inside the shooting area. Stay exactly behind your figure.

12 stages (12x).

No.18 Backhand


Place five defenders along the center line. Stay behind your side of the table and flick any defenders backhanded to their own shooting area line. Clean flicking with the fingernail is necessary. Three stages.


Do not flick with the inside of your finger. That is illigal play.    CLEAN PLAY ONLY.

Mehr erfahren über weitere Trainingsmethoden.

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The Practice wall and figures wall  -  Moving Figures


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